Alternative Diagnositic Systemstree line reflected in a river

5 Lakes and 5 Rivers – The Chinese 5-element system



Some of you may be familiar with this system especially if you have had any acupuncture treatment. The flow of your energy or ‘chi’ as the Chinese call it, is integral to this system.

The 5 ‘Lakes’ are: Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidney and Liver.

These are often referred to as having their own energy e.g. Her kidney energy is strong.

The 5 Rivers……

The 5 ‘Rivers’ connect the ‘Lakes’ (organs). If the energy is flowing correctly, it will flow in the ‘clockwise’ direction as indicated in the diagram. Thus each organ nourishes the next in harmony.

What can affect the flow of water/energy?

However, if there is a blockage/ ‘dam’ in the river, the water (energy) can start to pool and flow elsewhere causing problems. This can have a knock-on effect on other organs, which may also cause pathology. (This is indicated by the orange arrows)

Things that can affect the flow of energy are:   Shock/ grief/ trauma etc.

For example if someone has a shock/trauma, their heart (Joy/sadness) energy may become disrupted. If this happens it can show in the lung (grief) energy as breathing issues, constipation or eczema. This is because each major organ has minor organs associated and linked to it, energetically speaking. So, lung energy is linked with the colon, skin, nose and throat.

I use this as another tool to find the root cause in any client’s case, I aim to help with homeopathy.

If you want to find out more about how the Chinese use meridian lines to ‘map’ the whole body, please contact me!