Mother and Baby

Precious Pregnancy


“Bun in the oven”   “Up the duff”    “Growing a human”     “Expecting a baby!”


There are lots of ways of expressing that you are pregnant! However, what should be a happy time period can often be ruined by minor health niggles.

Here are 5 common pregnancy ailments and how to ease them naturally:

  1. ‘Morning Sickness’

This is extremely common with up to 80% of women suffering with this in the 1st trimester. It can be quite exhausting and debilitating, especially at a time when you may not want to tell everyone your happy news! Eating little and often, especially in the morning when the nausea is generally worse, can really help. Chewing on a fresh ginger slice can help or drinking ginger tea.

  1. Cholestasis – Itchy skin with no rash!

Bile flow is affected due to pregnancy hormones, so that bile acids flow into the bloodstream. These cause itching at lower levels. At higher levels they can be dangerous for the baby, so should be monitored carefully by a midwife or GP. This phenomenon normally occurs during the 3rd trimester and can be very irritating! Hands and feet are the most commonly affected areas. Keeping skin well moisturised ensures that the itching is not coming from dry skin.

  1. Piles

Piles or haemorrhoids are very common in pregnancy. Piles are often caused by pregnancy hormones relaxing the tone of your rectal veins. As the baby gets bigger, it physically presses on your bowels and rectum. This means that passing a stool is more difficult and you may strain. The rectal veins are often pushed out due to this, or purely due to the weight of baby, placenta etc on this area! Applying witch hazel solution to the affected area with a clean cloth can really help to soothe the area and shrink the size of piles.

  1. Heartburn and reflux

This is normally caused by a growing baby pushing on the stomach sphincter and causing heartburn. Some women really suffer with this and it can make eating or drinking anything a real misery. Eating little and often can help, as can drinking milk.

  1. Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (PSD)

This condition is where an abnormal gap forms at the front of the pelvis. The joints here become too loose, and this can cause extreme pain and discomfort especially when walking around. Using a pregnancy support belt can really help here. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can also ease the pain. Floating on your back in the swimming pool can also give some relief.

Pregnancy is a generally a joyful time. But suffering with these minor issues can really wipe the smile off your face! Homeopathy can help with ALL of these issues and more. It is 100% safe in all stages of pregnancy. Email me to get started!


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