Pregnancy and Hayfever Programs

The pregnancy tissue salt programme is designed to support the expectant mother and growing foetus at each stage of pregnancy.

Each month there are different remedies to take, covering issues like skin elasticity, heartburn, bone development, teeth, hair and general strength. Homeopathy is 100% safe during ALL stages of pregnancy, pre-conception and beyond. This would make a unique and unusual gift for any mother-to-be.

The Hayfever prevention program is usually taken during the winter months of September and January to prepare the body for the following summer. You will receive 5 weeks of remedies which are tailored to you.

This protocol can be taken during the summer months as a ‘speeded up’ version over 20 days. A diet and supplement sheet is included as well as a symptom control remedy. This protocol can take a few years to have its full effect.

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