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The following testimonials are from genuine patients but I have anonymised the data.  Patient confidentiality is extremely important to me and as such have only included the initials of the patient.  All patients have given me permission to use their testimonials on my website.

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I was nervous about my first appointment….
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I was nervous about my first appointment…..

Recently I noticed a new mole that had appeared suddenly on my forehead…
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Mysterious growth on forehead….

I had been suffering from severe gastroenteritis when I contacted Neela…..
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Constant nausea for 3 weeks……

Neela is very perceptive and caring…..
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Her approach is very thorough….

Out of nowhere my teenager came out in dreadful itchy rash….
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Allergic skin reaction and sleepless nights…

My 7yr old daughter was suffering from nightmares, strong fears and anxiety at bedtime
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Immediate and lasting results for 7yr olds nightmares