Homeopathic Online Courses

These courses are designed to empower and inform you! You can study these in your own time and at your own pace, with email support from me too.

Homeopathic 1st Aid course is a comprehensive course which teaches you how to use the accompanying Blue kit effectively and confidently.

Mother and baby bolt on is the 1st Aid course as listed above but with an extra section of content targeted for mother & baby. There are also 10 extra bespoke remedies included. This course is designed to take you from pregnancy, through labour/birth, and onwards to newborn ailments and post-partum issues. This would make a unique and useful gift for parents-to-be.

Menopause made manageable is addressing the last third of a woman’s life. It is something we expect to dread or endure, but it doesn’t have to be! Education is key and there are more open and honest conversations happening now about menopause.

Immune support course includes a 100ml  bottle of Echinacea tincture. Our immune systems have never been under such scrutiny as these last few years! There are 5 main parts to the immune system and they are truly magnificent. My course teaches you about how to maintain and build a robust resilient immune system for life.

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