Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby life events are truly life-changing. None more so than becoming pregnant and having your first child.

Fertility issues can be the first hurdle whilst pregnancy itself can be filled with health worries. You will get conflicting advice about what is safe and what you should be doing.

It can be hard for first-time parents to know what is the right thing to do.

Trusting your instincts is always the best advice. Because you know your child like nobody else.

Labour and birth are often over-medicalized even though our bodies know innately how to give birth. Doulas and hypnobirthing are making a resurgence and for good reason. Because women have been birthing for thousands of years.

Labour doesn’t have to be something for Mother and Baby to fear and endure. The worries can really start once your bundle of joy has arrived. Because children’s immune systems are not fully functioning until about 8yrs old.

Therefore, the early years can seem like one endless round of coughs, colds and bruises!

Having a homeopathic first aid kit can be an amazing source of healing and knowledge for a young family.

I offer a course to empower you to heal your family, right through from pregnancy all the way through to your newborn (link to mother and baby course).