Staying healthy

Staying healthy is something we all want but often can take for granted, until you become ill.

There are many ways in which you can keep healthy and live longer too. Because small changes to your daily routine can have profound and lasting effects on your mind and body.

All of these blogs give practical advice about getting a little healthier and staying that way. Because it’s often easier than you think!

Piggybacking a new health habit onto an existing habit can be the easiest way to start. You already brush your teeth twice a day, so adding flossing once a day at the same time is an easy way to start.

Standing and walking about during a phone call is another easy way to get movement into a static desk job. Because exercise doesn’t have to be hard work at the gym.

Walking for 30mins per day, ideally in nature, helps to calm your nervous system, oxygenate your muscles and help your heart too. Being in nature grounds you energetically and reminds you of your connection to the earth.

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises have been around for a long long time. Science is now providing evidence for what our ancestors knew intuitively. Living simply, walking, breathing, sleeping and eating well are the cornerstones of a healthy life and staying healthy.