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Homeopathic Health covers all sorts of different health-related topics because it’s slightly different from the conventional definition of health.

My homeopathic definition of health is not just an absence of dis-ease. Your ‘Vital Force’ should be solid and robust.

The foundations should be well-managed and maintained. Good Homeopathic Health health, to me, is not ever being ill but the ability to cope and recover when you are. Because being a homeopathic patient myself, I know that minor ailments don’t plague me often and when they do, I have the homeopathic tools to deal with them.

I cover specific conditions and how homeopathy can help. Also, I write about broader homeopathic health subjects such as alternative diagnostic systems, Mental Health and Nutrition.

Each blog includes practical steps which you can start implementing into your daily routine immediately. These are often free, quick and easy to do. There are a few blogs on my own personal journey along with the challenges I experienced. I hope I can help others to feel less isolated by sharing my story.

Homeopathy can help with such a wide range of mental, emotional and physical issues. I try to cover as many of them here as possible. The advice I give here is more general than you would receive in a 1-2-1 consultation with me. I aim to make this health information as accessible as possible. If there is a topic you would like me to cover, then feel free to email me with your suggestions!

B Vitamins and Why we need them.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins – Why we need them and how to get them! B vitamins work better together, like any good sports team! They are all water-soluble, so any excess is…

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