When it comes to Nutrition, I’m not a trained nutritionist. Therefore, in these blogs, I aim to give you some basic information about food, vitamins, and minerals.

Your body needs the correct resources to be able to heal itself, remain strong and last a long time.

Each of us is unique but the higher the quality food you eat, the better you will perform.

Sometimes the simplest dietary changes can have the biggest health outcomes. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the greatest medicine we all have access to.

Making healthy choices 80-90% of the time is far better than trying to be good and then not achieving it. Because small daily changes, slowly but surely will get you there.

Not all calories are created equal! Because 100 calories from gummy bears will have a very different effect on your body than 100 calories from broccoli.

You need to eat food to fuel yourself but questioning what you eat as well as why will lead you to make some important decisions for your overall wellbeing.

Water is another easy switch that you can make. Because adults lose 500ml per day in the air we breathe out and 500ml per day is needed for normal cell functions. If you exercise and hence sweat, you need to drink more!

B Vitamins and Why we need them.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins – Why we need them and how to get them! B vitamins work better together, like any good sports team! They are all water-soluble, so any excess is…

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