Homeopathic Myths

There are a lot of Homeopathic Myths out there and 98% of people in the UK have not heard of homeopathy, let alone what it can do.

I aim to dispel some common myths regarding homeopathy with this series of blogs. Because Homeopathy has been used safely and effectively for over 200yrs.

It is the No.1 system of medicine in India, with some clinics treating 3,500 patients per day!

Many people have high expectations of homeopathy or alternative treatments, even higher than conventional medicine!

Most alternative treatments are gentler and can be slower as they are working on a deeper and often energetic level. Therefore, it can be odd and confusing if they are not explained properly to you!

Homeopathy is not a placebo and I am not a ‘snake oil’ seller or a charlatan!

If you read these Homeopathic Myths blogs and still have questions then please feel free to book a discovery call with me and I’d be more than happy to chat through your concerns for FREE.