Homeopathy Success Stories and Case Studies

Confidentiality Statement:

The following Success Stories (testimonials) are from genuine patients but I have anonymised the data. Patient confidentiality is extremely important to me and as such have only included the initials of the patient. All patients have given me permission to use their testimonials on my website.

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For 5 days my body was on fire and I was exhausted every 14 days
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Painful recurrent herpes flare ups

My anxiety was 9 out of 10 before I saw Neela.
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I despised myself for 30yrs

My bowels moved quickly after only 2 appts
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Grief caused my constipation

I suffered with Tonsilitis / throat infections 2/3 times per year which needed antibiotics to resolve the issue until the next flare up. After seeing Neela every month for 6 appts, I haven’t had any tonsilitis / throat infections since!

Chronic Tonstilitis gone

He scratched his skin till it bled
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Painful discoid eczema gone

An aesthetic procedure left me with a large 2nd degree burn
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Severe burn healed with no scarring

My 6yo daughter had been suffering with an itchy uncomfortable rash which ruined her summer holidays
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No antihistamines anymore!Homeopathy Client

In depth, insightful and interesting. Looking forward to seeing the progress in the coming weeks and months! Symptoms improved so much, just final tweaks now to get me fully there. So happy to see improvements! Excited to see how the next few months pan out. (TJ)


Neela is very thorough when explaining remedies and why she uses them. Although it’s a professional service it feels more like having a chat with a friend. I always look forward to mine and my daughters’ appointments. (SG)

Feels more like a chat with a friend

Amazing service – superb with the kids, great advice, really listens,  great outcomes! (RR)

Superb with kids

Useful to gain objective insights
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Almost a therapy session

Neela is always happy to answer any questions
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Neela has extensive knowledge

I felt very positive about the experience
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A safe space for me to talk

I was skeptical about homeopathy
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Worked well on my 3yr old

Listens well and is very thorough
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Very informative and reassuring

Easy to talk to and knowledgable
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Very approachable

She’d had a blocked nose since birth
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Childs blocked nose cleared quickly

I could cry with relief
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IBS syptoms ruling my life

I’ve not had this much energy for 20yrs!
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The most energy I’ve had in 20yrs

I less fragile
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No more panic attacks