Homeopathy Success Stories and Case Studies

Confidentiality Statement:

The following Success Stories (testimonials) are from genuine patients but I have anonymised the data. Patient confidentiality is extremely important to me and as such have only included the initials of the patient. All patients have given me permission to use their testimonials on my website.

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Each month I would suffer a painful bladder infection
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Recurrent Bladder Infections

I was nervous about sharing my history with a stranger
read more

I was slightly nervous

A new mole had appeared suddenly on my forehead
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Mysterious growth on forehead

I had been suffering from severe gastroenteritis when I contacted Neela
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Constant nausea for 3 weeks

Neela is very perceptive, caring and through in her approach
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A very thorough approach

A dreadful itchy rash kept my teenager awake all night
read more

Allergic reaction and insomnia

My daughter was suffering from nightmares, strong fears and anxiety at bedtime
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Immediate and lasting results for childs nightmares

Having recently sprained my foot, Neela was able to quickly identify how to help.
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Limping for 1 week vs walking painlessly in 1 day

I had tried to treat my childs verruca with an OTC treatment without success.
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3 weeks vs 3 days

I went to Neela for epilepsy which I have suffered with my entire life.
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Neela made insightful connections

My 4yr old daughter had a big fear of any type of animal or insect,
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Fear of animals

When I met Neela, I didn’t realise that many ailments stemmed from birth.
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I realised life events had triggered illnesses

I suffer from Fibromyalgia which causes muscle/ joint pain and fatigue
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I was tired of taking drugs which replace one problem with another