Homeopathy Success Stories and Case Studies

Confidentiality Statement:

The following Success Stories (testimonials) are from genuine patients but I have anonymised the data. Patient confidentiality is extremely important to me and as such have only included the initials of the patient. All patients have given me permission to use their testimonials on my website.

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Despite countless visits for painful procedures, my wart remained until I saw Neela
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Florence Gartland

Thanks to Neela’s help and support, I now have my life back!
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Katie Jones

I’ve have seen fantastic results in our family’s health!
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Selena Dunwoodie

The best advice and help I’ve ever had!
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Maxine Zeolla

Where western medicine failed, Neela’s succeeded.
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Dana G

The difference in my grandson’s skin is incredible!
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Sue Gibson

All Neela’s advice has been really helpful
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ringworm gone
Kat Mansfield

My well-being did improve, such a my sleep which was great.
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Hannah Penning

Neela is a magician of all things homeopathic!
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Eve M

Neela has gone above and beyond to make sure her treatments are working
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Tina Laws

Neela truly listens, which is priceless!
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Heidi Ware

It’s amazing what Neela can achieve!
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Michelle Richards

This Lady is an Angel in disguise!
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Paula Jauncey

Neela is quick to respond to my enquiries
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Carol Ashby

Neela has been super helpful
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Paul Hatfield

I wish I had found you earlier!
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Areeba Dahri

She is so friendly and easy to talk to
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Helen Adamou

Neela has given me faith that things can go back to normal!
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Alisha Ahmed

She cleared the problem within a matter of days
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Jane Rogers