I have been to see Neela myself regarding several issues, all of which she has successfully resolved including a recent severe bout of hay-fever which led to severely irritated and inflamed eyes leaving me in pain and severe discomfort. I have suffered with bad hay-fever since a teenager taking lots of different over the counter medicines which never really helped. Following a consultation with Neela, remedies were prescribed and my symptoms completely went within a few days.
My 1 year old also suffered with severe discoid excema on his legs which led to him needing to be bandaged as he scratched his skin to the point where it was so inflamed and bleeding. We didn’t know what to do as he was in so much discomfort and steroid treatments were our only conventional option. Other parents we know who have children with the same problem had gone on to have the problem into their teenage years now with considerable medication. We sought Neelas services and after a year of treatments he is completely free of it.
Throughout Neela has gone above and beyond to make sure her treatments are working and if not works with us until they do. She is extraordinarily communicative and we have no doubt she genuinely cares for her patients and it shows.