Homeopath Appointments in Croydon

Getting an appointment with your homeopath in Shirley or West Wickham is simple and affordable. Homeopath appointments are also available for children.

Gift vouchers are available on request.

Homeopath in West Wickham

Appointments are available during weekdays (term time). I have Saturday morning slots which can be easier if you are working full time or have school age children. Zoom/ Skype/ WhatsApp video appointments are also available, so distance is no issue!

Acute appointments

These are 30 mins long and are for minor illnesses.

Adult (16yrs and over) : £50 / Child under 16yr: £40

Chronic appointments

The initial appointment is up to 3 hours long and involves a comprehensive and detailed case taking of your medical history. Adult (16yrs and over): £225 (3hr)  / Child under 16yr: £130 (2hr)

Subsequent monthly maintenance appointments are 1 hour long and allow the body time to heal. Adult (16yrs and over): £75 / Child under 16yr: £65

All homeopathic remedies are covered by the above fees. Any acute illness such as a fever that occur during the month, will be covered by the monthly fee. Bach Flower custom blends are charged separately at £15.

Hayfever Prevention Programme:

This is a 5 week prevention plan, taken in the winter months to reduce hayfever symptoms the following summer. You will receive a diet sheet about how to reduce histamine in your diet as well as a customized set of remedies.

Price: £50 Please contact me for details.

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 Block booking and Family plan options

Would you like to save money on your regular homeopathic appointments?

Do you have children who also need treatment as well as yourself?

Terms and conditions for block booking and family options:

– Payment is to be made in full upfront.

– No refunds given.

– The block booking does NOT include cost of Bach flower remedies.

– Neela reserves the right to increase her monthly prices due to yearly inflation.  Block booking pricing is not affected for the duration of the block.

– Only the 1hr monthly appointments are covered (not the 1st timeline appointment)


1) Block booking:

6 x  1hr Adult monthly sessions: (£375 for 6 months) save £75


2) Family subscription:

1 adult and up to 2 kids (age 15yrs or less) – 6 x 1hr adult and up to 2 x 1hr for kids monthly sessions = £1,035 save £195