Homeopath Appointments in Croydon

Getting an appointment with your homeopath is simple and affordable. Homeopathic appointments are also available for children.

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Chronic Ailments

Chronic appointments

Chronic Ailment Appointments are available during weekdays, term time and Saturday mornings. This can be easier if you are working full time or have school-age children.

Zoom video appointments are the main way I work, so distance is no issue. 3 month or 6 month packages are the best way to get the long term results you desire. The initial appointment is just 1 hour long and involves a comprehensive and detailed case taking of your medical history. Subsequent monthly maintenance appointments are also 1 hour long and allow the body time to heal.

Benefits of my valuable 1-2-1 work:

  • Time to really listen to you and your issues
  • Time spent outside of the appt, to really analyse the case and give you the best treatment options
  • Using Chinese 5-element system, Bach flower remedies and other alternative paradigms to analyse the case
  • Using my 20yrs community pharmacist experience
  • Sending you my information leaflets for your condition
  • Pukka tea bag given out with each prescription
  • Birthday and Xmas cards sent out to each client
  • Email support for small niggles that come up
  • Real world practical advice as a mum of 2 young girls

3 Ways to work with me! Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Gold: 3 or 6 Month Packages

These are packed with VALUE and get you real results!

What’s included?

Benefits of 3 month Packages:

  • Save £15 on 3month packages
  • 1-2-1 appt every 4 weeks
  • All monthly and acute remedies throughout the month included.
  • Blue kit advice included worth £5/ month
  • Unlimited WhatsApp/ email/ text support during weekdays 9-7pm
  • Weekly check-ins
  • My Mental health E-book worth £9.99
  • All my behind the scenes work for you which is worth £200. e.g. supplement advice, book links, etc.
  • Pukka tea bag with each prescription

Adult 3month: £360/ Child 3month: £330

Benefits of 6 month Packages:

All the benefits of above, as well as –

  • Save £30 on 6month packages
  • Unlimited phone call/ WhatsApp/ email/ text support during weekends as well as working hours
  • 3 E-books worth £35: Kids minor ailments, Mental health E-book and Preparing for Teenhood
  • All my behind the scenes work for you which is worth £400. e.g. supplement advice, book links, etc.

Adult 6months: £690/ Child 6 month: £630


Silver : Payment Plan

Payment plan: 6 appts/12 months for £44/month (8 week intervals) or 3 appts/12 months for £22/month (12 week intervals). Limited email support is given here. All remedies for the 8 or 12 week period are included.

All homeopathic remedies are covered by the above fees.


Bronze : Pay-as-you-go

1hr Appts – Pay as you go: Adult (16yrs and over): £125 / Child under 16yr: £115

4 weeks of remedies included.

Email support only during working hours. My patient leaflets and blog links are included.


* Bach Flower custom blends are charged separately at £22.50*

Chronic appointments – What to expect

Watch this short video to find out what to expect during an appointment with your homeopath Neela.

Can I see my homeopath Neela remotely?

Watch this short video to find out about remote appointments with your homeopath Neela.