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Hello, I’m Neela. I’m a Homeopath based in Croydon and I’m passionate about healing people with Homeopathy.

Not sure if homeopathy can help with your particular illness, disease, issue or problem? The answer is always YES!

I’m a fully qualified licenced homeopath. I have almost 20yrs of experience as a community pharmacist. So I have an excellent knowledge of traditional drugs, as well as homeopathic remedies.

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As a mum to 2 young daughters I know the pressures of parenting notably when your children are ill. I’ve also been kickboxing for 19yrs. I’m in based Croydon.

I became a pharmacist because I wanted to help people get better. However, I became frustrated with the lack of tools used in conventional medicine. Many patients would ask for other solutions to painful, chronic conditions which allopathy simply could not address without the inevitable side effects.

I have been treating my family and my pets with Homeopathy for over 10yrs now. I have seen first hand how quickly homeopathy can work for acute illnesses like fever, but also works very effectively for chronic diseases such as eczema.

Homeopathy Benefits

Homeopathy can offer a different choice to patients, without the side effects. As part of my training, I also studied the Chinese 5-Element system, Chakra system, Nutrition and other relevant paradigms to complete my holistic education.

If you are looking for alternative medicine or a Homeopath in Croydon then contact me. A free 30min chat will help find out if I’m the right fit for you.

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