Hayfever Prevention Programme


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This is a 5 week prevention plan to reduce hayfever symptoms during the summer.


This is a 5 week prevention plan, taken during September and/or January months, aims to reduce hayfever symptoms the following summer. You can take the programme for just September or January. If you suffer severely, I would recommend to take it in September AND January. I will contact you for the bespoke part of the programme. Price refers to 1 set of remedies only, not for both months.


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 2 cm

3 reviews for Hayfever Prevention Programme

  1. Reena Chana

    The remedies are so clearly labelled so it’s very easy to use. (I haven’t really commented any more as waiting to see how the hayfever is this spring!)

  2. Jake Ashby

    ‘This programme has really helped me during the summer months. Previously, I struggled to breathe outdoors which was accompanied by my eyes streaming. Since repeating the Hayfever programme, symptoms have improved massively, and I can enjoy the summer months outside once again’

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