Life changing!

In the beginning, I had absolutely no idea how homeopathy worked, and like many others, approached Neela for advice as a “last-resort” when I hit a brick wall with conventional medicine. Almost a year later, homeopathy is now my first port of call, thanks to Neela’s amazing advice and support.

She has helped to not only treat my children and myself using homeopathy, but also given me a greater understanding of how to use homeopathy alongside/instead of conventional medicine, to acheive the desired outcome.

The “Blue Kit” is a must-have , which Neela kindly provides top ups for, along with other things that she provides, such as creams and tinctures. The advice and support given is second-to-none and nothing is too much trouble, any time of night or day, whether it’s a child with an ongoing rash or an adult having a nervous breakdown!

Well worth every penny, thank you Neela!