Neela is a magician of all things homeopathic!
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Eve M

Neela truly listens, which is priceless!
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Heidi Ware

It’s amazing what Neela can achieve!
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Michelle Richards

Neela is quick to respond to my enquiries
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Carol Ashby

Neela has been super helpful
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Paul Hatfield

She is so friendly and easy to talk to
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Helen Adamou

Neela has fixed two chronic issues for me
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Starlight Trust

really looks after her patients
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Tom J

I have found her insightfulness uplifting
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Sara Santosh Expedith

Neela helps to reverse the negative effects and help heal the body.
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Seema Ladwa

A professional service
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chat with friend
Feels more like a chat with a friend

Useful to gain objective insights
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nothing negative to say
Nothing negative to say!

Neela is always happy to answer any questions
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extensive knowledge
Neela has extensive knowledge

I felt very positive about the experience
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safe space
A safe space for me to talk

I was skeptical about homeopathy
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3yr old girl
Worked well on my 3yr old

Listens well and is very thorough
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informative and reassuring
Very informative and reassuring

Super knowledgeable
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Very approachable

I was nervous about sharing my history with a stranger
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slightly nervous
I was slightly nervous

Neela is very perceptive and caring
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through approach
A very thorough approach

I went to Neela for epilepsy which I have suffered with my entire life.
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insightful connections
Neela made insightful connections

When I met Neela, I didn’t realise that many ailments stemmed from birth.
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life events
I realised life events had triggered illnesses

I suffer from Fibromyalgia which causes muscle/ joint pain and fatigue
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tired of taking drugs
I was tired of taking lots of drugs