I was oblivious to what homeopathy was until Neela spoke to me about it and the basic theory behind it.  My 4yr old daughter had a big fear of any type of animal or insect, so I asked Neela for advice.  She asked me and my daughter several questions to determine where the fear stemmed from.  The questions were spot on.  We discussed her premature birth, how she reacts in certain  situations and other personality traits, such as preferring to walk on tip toe!  Neela was able to take all this information and recommend a bespoke remedy for her.  She gave my daughter some ‘sugar pills’ to take orally.   I must admit I was quite apprehensive to see if it worked.  The first step was her not running away upon the mere sight of a dog!  She used to drag me away from a dog even if it was on the other side of the street, and quite far away!  She now lets them pass us by on the pavement without flinching.  She even lets some dogs sniff her feet.  On a recent farm visit, she even touched a bird.  Magic? Maybe… It definately worked.  I now don’t have to worry when she goes on a school trip or tell her teacher that she may get upset.  Thank you Neela for introducing me and my daughter to the wonders of homeopathy.  She can now join in and enjoy new experiences! (FM)