I booked an appointment with Neela because I was at the end of my tether with feeling lousy all the time. I was struggling with constipation, lack of energy and just felt rubbish, I wasn’t enjoying life anymore. I didn’t realise until I spoke to Neela that I had been holding in so much grief.

I was amazed that after only one or two appointments my bowels were working better and I was also able to release my emotions.  I even saw my period pain reduce drastically which is not something I had even asked for help with!

The care you receive from Neela is outstanding, you don’t just get a little homeopathic remedy to take, she looks at everything possible to help you heal. The dietary advice and Bach Flower remedy recommendation was perfect for me and helped so much, and just knowing Neela was there to help and support in a confidential and non judgmental way was invaluable.

I am now enjoying life again!