My main reason for contacting Neela was recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) which coincided with my menstrual period almost every month. These had been getting more frequent for several years and between February and July 2019, I had six infections, each requiring antibiotics. At that point, my GP put me on a four-month course of low dose antibiotics which did keep the infections at bay.  However, two months after stopping these antibiotics, I had 3 more infections in January, March and June!

That was when I decided it was time to try something different and contacted Neela. I started taking the remedies she suggested in early July and now, in November, I can say I’ve not had a UTI in 5 months!  It has been years since I’ve had this long, without an infection!

Obviously not having the pain and discomfort of the infection is wonderful but, for me, the major benefit has been a huge decrease in anxiety. I’m no longer dreading every period, wondering if I’ll get an infection, and over-analysing every little sensation ‘down there’.  The stress about what invasive tests doctors might want to subject me to in order to identify the cause of my infections has been lifted and removed!  Neela has also successfully treated my PMS, bloating and cramps associated with my periods! (SA)