Helios basic blue kit


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Helios 18 remedy basic homeopathic kit is an excellent addition to your first aid box at home.


Helios 18 remedy basic homeopathic kit is an excellent addition to your first aid box at home. It contains the most frequently used remedies and comes with a booklet explaining each remedy and its uses.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3.5 cm

7 reviews for Helios basic blue kit

  1. Jane Rogers (verified owner)

    The blue kit is a really useful part of my natural first aid kit. Its compact in size so fits easily into your bathroom cabinet, or a suitcase when you go away. All 18 remedies included help with common ailments for all the family. It comes with a short guide, which helps or you can contact Neela for extra support with it.

  2. Selena Dunwoodie (verified owner)

    I ordered a blue kit from Neela and just love it! It’s so handy for the kids especially. It has saved a fortune compared to buying Calpol! It’s a staple in our house now and I know that whatever the symptoms, there will be something in the kit for it. I love that the top ups are great value and arrive swiftly. I highly recommend adding the blue kit to your first aid box!

  3. Jem Bahaijoub (verified owner)

    I love Neela’s blue kit. It’s my at-home natural pharmacy in a box. Whenever one of my family is sick, I reach for the blue box! It comes with a handy booklet to search for symptoms and then the relevant remedy. I totally recommend the blue kit to any household. It’s an essential item next to my first aid kit.

  4. Ilena Laws (verified owner)

    Having the blue kit available is so helpful for those times when you need extra help in treating unexpected illness symptoms. Just having the blue kit to hand is reassuring.

  5. Neela Prabhu (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t be without my little blue kit. It contains a great selection of remedies that all members of the family can call upon (as I often do). A medicine cabinet in 1 small box that you can take anywhere with you. Refills are easy to order on the website and are sent out promptly. (EW)

  6. Reena Chana (verified owner)

    I think I should have bought a few, need one everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, in the car, in the office…! The booklet is the best tool to treat everyone in the family without pumping them full of nasty chemicals and best thing is no side effects! The little bottles are really handy to pop in a handbag if needed when out and about. Excellent value for money and easy to purchase top ups for individual remedies.

  7. Alison Parkinson (verified owner)

    I used Aconite when my daughters felt like they were coming down with a cold, with the onset of a sore throat etc. On each occasion, the sore throat went and the cold didn’t develop. I also used the Nux vom recently when a migraine was causing me to feel sick. The nausea soon disappeared.

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