Menopause made managable


Have you got 10mins? Then you can BOSS your menopause!


This 3 part video course helps you to replace FEAR with ACTION. Full of practical tips you can implement right now and learning is in 10mins chunks (3x10mins). Do you want to feel empowered to handle your menopause?


2 reviews for Menopause made managable

  1. Tina L

    Just watched all three videos! Fantastic info, liked that they were short videos to the point and very well explained. Lots of self help tips which were great, and easy changes people can make at home in terms of cleaning products and in their diets.
    The use of Teflon pans, I found this one out recently actually and have now stopped, also what you use on your skin, most people will probably know but not so much that it can absorb within 6 seconds! I have learned some new things today.

  2. Reena Chana

    This course contains a lot of information but it was all seemed pretty concise and easy to follow . It’s there in the back of my mind now so I can refer to it in the next 10-15 years or so when I need it! On the whole I would say that’s a really useful course!

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