Homeopathic Case Studies

Real case studies from my homeopathic practice.

I have tried to provide a brief relevant history for each patient, the progress each month (or quarter), and the final result. Because these clients no longer need my help and I’ve signed them off from my care.

Each client is an individual and so is their healing journey. If you are suffering from any of the conditions listed, then please contact me so I can give you tailored advice.

These longer-form case studies give you the whole journey from how the problem started and how the case progressed. Because this shows how homeopathy can work slowly but effectively to fix these issues.

Homeopathy is not a quick fix for chronic issues, but I’m aiming to get to the root cause of the problem. These case studies are from my more clinical viewpoint but the client’s viewpoint can be found here.

Flooding periods gone

Presenting condition: Dysmenorrhea and flooding periods Brief history: Had flooding and excruciating painful periods since teenager. Suffering for 20yrs. Relevant timeline incidents: 9yrs Adult male ‘family friend’ abused her sexually.…

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